WP3: Phosphorus Recovery from Waste Water using Bauxite Residue

EPA Funded Research Project at the University of Limerick


  • Task 3.1 Optimised residue Re-use Strategy for phosphorus recovery
  • Task 3.2 Bauxite residue preparation & wastewater sources
  • Task 3.3 Batch/ column trials
  • Task 3.4 Phosphorus removal and recovery
  • Task 3.5 Phosphorus re-use potential


  • D3.1 Report on bauxite residue modification processes and characteristics of bauxite residue phosphorous absorbing media
  • D3.2 Report on phosphorus removal rates from synthetic and non-synthetic wastewaters using modified bauxite residue
  • D3.3 Report on factors affecting removal rates and efficiency
  • D3.4 Report on forms of phosphorus in modified bauxite residue and recovery efficiency
  • D3.5 Report on potential of re-using recovered phosphorus as a nutrient fertiliser
  • D3.6 PhD (thesis draft) on phosphorus recovery from waste water using Irish bauxite residue
  • D3.7 Two peer reviewed publications on reuse of residue for phosphorus recovery co-authored by Co-PI and PI
  • D3.8 Five page best practice guidelines for phosphorous recovery from waste water using residues
  • D3.9 best practice guidelines on P recovery