WP2: Precious Metal Recovery from Bauxite Residue

EPA Funded Research Project at the University of Limerick


  • Task 2.1 Generation of an “Optimised Recovery Strategy” for precious metal
  • Task 2.2 Hydrometallurgical Leaching & Solution concentration and purification
  • Task 2.3 Hydrometallurgical Recovery
  • Task 2.4 By-product characterisation and re-use potential


  • D2.1 Optimised Recovery Strategy report
  • D2.2 Report on hydrometallurgical techniques used
  • D2.3 Report on the quality and quantity of precious/valuable materials recovered from Irish Residue
  • D2.4 Report on By-product characterisation and re-use potential
  • D2.5 PhD (thesis draft) on precious metal Recovery from Irish Bauxite Residue
  • D2.6 Two peer reviewed publications on precious recovery processes co-authored by PI and Co-PI
  • D2.7 Five page best practice guidelines for precious metal/valuable material recovery from residues