EPA Funded Research Project at the University of Limerick

Project Statement

    • Al-Source aims to illustrate the value contented in Irish Bauxite Residue via both re-use and recovery techniques, therefore turning bauxite residue into a resource for precious metals and phosphorus.

Objectives and Targets

  • To unlock the volume of various precious metal from bauxite residue & increase the range and yields of recovered raw materials [measurement: achieve recovery of precious metal potentially including gallium, titanium, selium, germanium, dysprosium and cerium]

  • To illustrate the re-use potential of bauxite residue

    [measurement: achieve phosphorus separation from waste water using modified bauxite residue as filter]

  • To push Ireland to the forefront in the area of raw materials processing technologies [Measurement: 1 key note speech; 2 PhDs ]

  • To result in higher economic viability and investment security of processing operations [Measurement: 1 invention disclosure and strategy document to illustrate viability of new technology]